Off Hours
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 8:28PM
Sarah Hodsdon in inspire, off hours, sarah hodsdon, sarahndipitous, success

I have noticed that those who are insanely successful became that way by not following the flow of conventional thought... they did things off hours and when normal folks would have called it a day. It isn't that these folks had more time to marinate on things or free time here and there given to them just for the purpose of creating no, they worked incredibly hard during normal hours to pay the bills and then, whilst the rest of the world "decompressed" and found leisure, they cast off their indentured servant status and claimed their freedom, choosing to use their time as they pleased. Success finds folks who are seeking it first. 

In off hours, away from the herd of conventional thought thinkers, there is more space to expand, a bigger chance perhaps, a larger opportunity to attempt something daring and huge without a crowd to dampen the magnitude... Like this mass transit tunnel at 3 am, success has no obsticles, no hang-ups standing in the way to slow it down en route to its final destination.

Mass Transit

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