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Crafting Ray Guns

It is no secret that one of my favorite places to buy crafting supplies is Radio Shack... I know, it sounds strange but, so does assuming that the only place crafters go to purchase supplies for their crafty mayhem involve locations with art or craft in the store name. The reality is, those who create, find inspiration everywhere and see the potential in random objects... they aren't paying attention to the arbitrary assignment or label attached to the packaging hidden in some UPC code. 

This project uses a simple etching kit from Radio Shack, a permanent Marker, and some springs from an old clicking ball point pen. It's a simple project that illustrates the cross pollination between art and technology whilst highlighting those who seek to make using what is on hand. I am hoping to have the opportunity to demonstrate this project while in New York attending Maker Faire in September.

Sarah Hodsdon Copper Etched Ray Gun


First Aid Tape

One of the many things I enjoy is discovering new uses for the stuff I already have on hand. I am so thankful that the folks at Bic Mark-it Markers give me the opportunity to use old materials in new ways to construct scrapbook pages that others can re-create on their own.

This being tailgating season and me being a HUGE football fan, I decided to use materials that are easy and accessible during the Fall Season and on college campuses dotting across these fine United States of America. The first, a disposable metal grill cover so many of us use while grilling various things over an open flame, is repurposed into a wonderful "grid iron" background that give one's lay-out more of a rough edge and touch appeal. Secondly, First Aid Tape from 3M lends itself to many more uses beyond wound management... here, it is a cool way to add text that isn't overdone and still embodies the raw and physical nature of a contact sport. Incidentally, First Aid Paper tape is a beautiful DIY Washi Tape alternative as well.

You can read about this project at the Bic Mark-it Blog and see this project as well as many other scrapbooking ideas in the scrapbooking section.