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Everything smells of cinnamon. Perhaps the aromas of the season permeate deeper because the cold weather keeps us inside where the 'warm by the fire' thoughts are a bit more concentrated but, December wafts in like spice and vanilla surrounded by evergreen. Yuletide contrasts of fire and ice, red and green, twinkling lights and a matte velvet sky, make up for the shorter hours of day by ushering in extra hours to dream bolder and wish bigger. 


Halloween Party Transfers

Everyday script background paper can instantly be transformed into a Halloween themed backdrop using a few simple techniques and basic supplies. I'm not big on buying a bazillion different things in order to create something special. Creativity is about using the things you already have and putting them to use in such a way as to accomplish a desired end result. This is a project I made for Bic Mark-it Markers. You can get the directions and supply list here.

I wanted to point out the image transfer technique here for the folks who think they can't draw *wink*

Take any copyright free image you'd like to transpose to an already decorated piece of paper and print it onto a blank sheet of copy paper. Using a soft lead pencil (I used a regular Bic Mechanical pencil from the kid's school supply stash) and scribble over the entire backside of your image. Lay your image, pencil side down, over your decorative paper in the place you'd like it to go, and then simply trace over it with a ballpoint pen. The image will transfer to the underlying sheet and then you can color it in as you'd like. I used progressively darker markers to shade in the skull image to achieve the desired effect. Have fun and happy creating!